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Info in English

Give us a year and we will give you a lifetime

With us you get an unforgettable year with memories for life and friendships across different interests and hobbies. We admit about 230 students, the majority of teaching and classes is with your own team, but there will also be activities across the other teams. Our main goal is to make sure that you excel in your interest, weather it is football or theater, we promise you that you develop in every aspect and leave the school strong, wiser and better!

Every year in January we take all the students skiing and snowboarding to Austria and if you are a beginner we will teach you all you need. Living at the school is where you find your base, you also live in houses with students from all the teams, helping to strengthen and unity throughout the school.


Football is for those who love football and who are used to playing and training seriously. Your schedule will include training every day and games in various tournaments and we also train all year long on our own new football field. In May our girls will represent Denmark at the World Championships for schools in Prague, this is the second time EVN is representing Denmark.

If you choose the football team, it requires that you take your sport seriously. In return you will get plenty of guidance from our expert coaches so you will constantly develop your skills. We go two weeks to Florida, where we play a lot of football against local teams. And the students live with private host families, so in addition to the games and all the other experiences the journey is also a good opportunity to get an insight into a different culture and lifestyle.


On basket the team is training and playing a lot. It requires commitment and dedication, and it is important that you have played on a club level. There is training daily so you are guaranteed to get in good shape and at the same time evolve much as a player. All the training is in English, so your skills will be challenged and developed.

We play in the nationwide league of the DBBF (Danish Basketball Association) with our first teams and A-league with teams 2 and 3. In the spring we travel two weeks to Canada or the United States, where we live with local host families and play matches against local high schools. In 2015/2016 our boys won the Scania Cup, Cup of Denmark and the Danish Championship.


Are you interested in art, and want to test your skills, then the art team is just right for you. As a student at EVN’s smallest team we give you ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of art, here you get to both develop your strengths and learn new techniques and materials. We also work with photography and film making as an art form. There is no requirement for your level when you start school, you just need to be curious and interested in working with the profession. We travel together with the theater team to New York in the spring, where we live with host families.


The Worldwide team is for people who are eager to get out and explore the world. Our work is conducted in a project-oriented manner with humanistic and social issues in different parts of the world. This will give you a deeper insight into other cultures, and strengthening how to work with project and in teamwork. The trips are created to ensure experiences and impressions that expand your horizons and give you a better understanding of the global diversity. Every fall we head for places in Europe, and in the spring we spend two weeks in South America, where you get the opportunity to live with a local host family. As a student at WorldWide you will also have Spanish classes.


05 jul

🌟 **Velkommen til teamet, Frederik Skou!** 🌟 Vi er super glade for at kunne meddele, at vi har ansat Frederik Skou som vores målmandstræner her på EVN. 🙌 Frederik brin...

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28 jun

Sidste dag på efterskolen. Det er svært at sige farvel til et sted, der er blevet dit hjem, og til mennesker, der er blevet ens familie. Vi har grint, grædt og vokset samme...

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25 jun

📢 To ledige drengepladser! 🎨🌍 Vi har to ledige drengepladser en på Kunstlinjen og en på Worldwide til skoleåret 24/25! Er du klar til et spændende og kreativt år med nye...

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